Manchester: Something for Everyone

Manchester: Something for Everyone

If you are looking to move to a city with a blend of culture, history, stunning sceneries, unending nightlife, and a touch of great value housing, then Manchester is your dreamland. Located in the Northwest part of England, Manchester is home to top-flight universities and undoubtedly the most competitive teams in the English Premier League. Placed along the River Irwell it is a famous English city that counts as the third most populated area in England. Also called Cottonopolis, it boasts of rich culture and history in the cotton industry, as it was once the world’s single largest market for cotton goods. Recently, Manchester has become one of the most desirable places to live in if you are looking for new employment openings, high living standards, or maybe just a change in lifestyle.

There are plenty of good reasons

There are plenty of good reasons why you should move to or visit Manchester regardless of your reasons. The Economists rated it as the most liveable city in England, with something for everyone to do. These ratings are based on Social stability, security in terms of crime rates, education, and healthcare availability. The New Economy states that over 110,000 additional job opportunities are to be created between 2014 and 2024, a more valid reason to live in Manchester. In the business and financial sector, Greater Manchester has the highest employee count in the country, with over 324,000 staff, generating over 16.2 billion euros of Gross Value Added annually. Major stakeholders include the Co-op Banking Group and RBS.

A great reason to relocate to

A great reason to relocate to Manchester is the wealth of culture, arts, and architectural variety. Covering everything from modern art to classic masterpieces, the city has a special range of museums, theatres, opera houses, bars, and orchestras that make up the rich cultural scene that Manchester is. A good example is the renowned People’s History Museum displaying countless materials and photographs celebrating ordinary people in their daily dealings. The city is well known for its Theatres, such as the Manchester Opera House or the Royal Exchange, not forgetting the breathtaking Lowry Theatre. When it comes to Classical Music, the BBC Philharmonic and the Hallé are two of the best symphony orchestras in England.

Manchester: Something for Everyone

Apart from entertainment, Manchester’s food and drink scene are booming with flavor. Research by CGA reveals that the number of restaurants has increased by over 22 percent within the last five years. Owners of new openings have to become creative to keep up with the city’s premium real estate by finding historically rich buildings to make a home for their restaurants. An example is the iconic Albert Schloss, which served as a Methodist Hall once. Therefore, you should make a point of enjoying some of the United Kingdom’s finest diners and bars. Chinatown features a wide selection of Chinese restaurants while the Rusholme area hosts the finest of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

In terms of your well-being, Manchester is basically a safe city to live in, according to most residents. As with most major cities, it has safety concerns that you should be aware of before moving into the wrong neighborhood. According to the Manchester Evening News, over 200,000 reports of crime are reported each year, with a small percentage of violent crimes. Areas such as the Northern Quarter had the most reports of burglaries reported by July 2019, with over 135 cases, averaging about one every three days. On the contrary, this city features some brilliant places to live in. Sale, having been voted among the top 5 places to stay, is only 20 minutes away from the central business district. Rusholme is more popular with students as well as young professionals as it serves lower rental rates.

One thing you will realize about Manchester is that it’s a small city. You can basically walk to every corner of the city center within a day. It offers free transport services through buses which go through the city center, stopping at all the important places. Surprisingly, if you are just visiting, you may end not even using this free bus service as everything is so close in Manchester that you may end up being faster on foot.

Well-known for its legendary football prowess, Manchester has more to offer in terms of sports. Starting with soccer, it is the home ground for two famous teams, Manchester City and Manchester United. Visiting these stadiums is a must for any football fan, as they offer club tours as well as unforgettable unique match day experiences. Manchester also has a huge influence on the United Kingdom’s Olympics and Paralympics. Cycling world champions like Jason Kenny have set untouchable records with gold medals to prove it. Commitment to sporting activities has seen the city receive countless sports industry awards, including ranking fifth in 25 ultimate sports cities.